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Baseball Reference states, “the Three True Outcomes are a walk, strikeout or home run. They are called this because the three supposedly are the only events that do not involve the defensive team (other than the pitcher and catcher).”

As Rany Jazayerli of Baseball Prospectus put it: “…the Three True Outcomes distill the game to its essence, the battle of pitcher against hitter…”

Of course there’s a lot more to baseball than that and as a baseball blog reader, you probably know all about “Money Ball.” I’m not going to pretend to be a Sabermatrician or even particularly good at math. I am however obsessed with baseball and the numbers generated by it. I’ve been playing baseball simulations, be it Strat-O-Matic or Micro League Baseball or Earl Weaver since I was young baseball nerdling, growing up in the shadow of a rockin’ Shea Stadium.

Fantasy baseball is what I’ve been focusing on for the past 5 years, joining a competitive 12 team H2H mixed keeper league with friends back in ’08. After a making the playoffs as the 6th seed and getting bounced in epic fashion, Team Luis Tiant tasted championship victory last season. Not having experienced baseball glory since 1986, I’m hungry to defend my title and make it a dynasty… like that other New York team in The Bronx. We drafted last Sunday and I’ll post the results soon.

For now I’m busy doing my homework in preparation for my first auction league on Saturday night, April 3rd. It’s an NFBC style Auction, so I’m really jumping into the deep end here. I’ve got a lot of preparation to do. Coogan’s Cangrejos might surprise a few people!

Welcome to ThreeTrueOutcomes. A scrappy little fantasy baseball blog with a boatload of grit and heaping helping of heart.

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