Week 1 – Two Start Pitchers

April 2, 2010

I’m a big fan of leaving a roster spot open for grabbing a nice two start pitching match up or two every week, particularly in a head to head league. The guys over at Razzball make it easy to sort through the detritus of the waiver wire and find the guys who can give you valuable starts. I’m going to let them do the hard work over there, since they’re pretty much on the ball.  Read their insights for yourself.

Week 1 – Two Start Pitchers

I’m not diving into the two start pool this week, but I’d take Padilla if I thought I needed the starting help.

With Jon Rausch named The Twins closer, I’m dumping Guerrier and picking up Padilla. Mr. Padilla welcome to The Ham Fighters. Don’t get too comfortable.