Streams Of Thought – Week 2 Two Start Pitchers

“Streams Of Thought.” Good name for a column about streaming starters. It’s catchy. Let’s go with it… Since many other fantasy baseball sites are posting the two start pitchers of the week, I’m not going to run down the whole list for you. You can find such lists here: Roto Times, Fantasy Baseball Journal, Roto Professor and elsewhere. Instead, I’m going to focus on a few guys who are available on waivers in my 12 team, H2H mixed keeper league, instead of wasting virtual ink summarizing pitching match-ups between guys everyone already owns. Each week I’ll pick one or two pitchers who I would pick out of the crop of marginal choices. Not content to simply throw out names, I’m going to tabulate stats on my two start picks and see if all the hand wringing over Carl Pavano or John Maine is really worth it. At the seasons end, I’ll share my records and we’ll see how my streamers did.

So far, I’m off to an inauspicious start, after Vincente Padilla’s horrible opening week. Padilla was downright awful for L.A. and he just about sunk my WHIP all by himself this week. With my starting 2B, Aaron Hill, nursing a tweaked hammy, I just cut Padilla in favor of Casey McGehee, to acquire some infield depth. My opponent this week is only rostering six starters to my seven – four of whom start twice this coming week. I’m not going down the left hand path this week, but if I were dipping into the noxious pool of marginal pitchers going twice this week, I would go with…

M’s lefty, Ryan Rowland-Smith takes the mound at home against the AAAAthletics (probably starting Justin Duchscherer) and the not so scary Tigers of Detroit who have Mad Max Scherzer going. That is a whole lot of schers going on! I like Smith at home to drive the two Jerry’s back across The Channel whence they came. For those who like projections, Bill James digs Smith this year, projecting a 2.05 K/BB rate – 6.84 K/9 and 3.34 BB/9, to go along with a teeny .81 HR/9 ratio. With the M’s flying around, catching everything that stays in the park, Smith could be a nice surprise for fantasy owners.


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